Podge’s Belgian Beer Tours

Siobhan McGinn

Tour Guide on Beer & Battlefield Tours

Siobhan is Podge’s partner. She is also co-tour guide with Podge on all his Beer Tours. Siobhan is a historian with a Master’s Degree in Victorian Studies, another in English Literature and has recently been awarded another Masters (distinction) in First World War Studies from Birmingham University. Her special research subject is alcohol on the Western Front which is particularly useful on Podge’s Beer & Battlefield Tours.

Siobhan shares her encyclopaedic knowledge of the wartime beer experience in Flanders with illustrated talks as well as presentations ‘in the field’ which include estaminets and breweries in the Ypres Salient. This allows our travellers a unique experience of sharing in this unusual research subject, delving into the behind the lines troop experience in WW1 and along the way visiting some Flemish beer outlets from WW1 which still survive and which Siobhan hunts out for us.

About Podge’s Beer Tours

I’m Chris ‘Podge’ Pollard, and I organise Podge’s Belgian Beer Tours offering a varied programme of Tours in Belgium and further afield for everyone from novice to expert. I’m co-author of LambicLand (2004, 2010 second edition); Around Bruges in 80 Beers (2006, 2009 second edition, 2013 third edition); Around London in 80 Beers (2008). I have over 30 years expertise in beer event management. We also run Belgian Beer Bars at major UK beer festivals and are available for hire! I’m also something of a specialist in pork scratchings and gourmet pickled eggs, but that’s another story...

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