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Podge’s Belgian Beer Tours was founded by Podge, aka Chris Pollard back in 1994 and is now run full-time by his wife, co-beer-writer and co-traveller for thirty years, Siobhan McGinn. Podge was famous for his encyclopaedic knowledge of Belgian beers, breweries and culture but Siobhan is not far behind him. On a recent Tour Siobhan overheard one traveller say to a fellow traveller ‘Siobhan – she knows her stuff’. She and Podge travelled in Belgium for over twenty years both with Tours and alone on ‘research’ tours and visited hundreds of Belgian breweries and probably thousands of cafes.

Podge & Siobhan at Leuven Innovation Festival 2016

Podge & Siobhan at Leuven Innovation Festival 2016.

As well as a Belgian beer expert, Siobhan is a historian and an expert on beer in the First World War in Flanders. She has a Master’s degree from Birmingham University in First World War Studies. Siobhan personally conducts each Tour and loves to tell travellers on the coach microphone about Belgian culture, cow breeds, dog carts and the meaning of obscure Flemish road signs. Given that Siobhan also has a degree in English Law, another two Masters degrees in Victorian Studies and English Literature and is an Egyptologist, she is rarely short of subjects to talk about! You need a vacation. You need a beer. You need a beercation. Come and join Siobhan on one of the following great tours. We have lots of pick up and drop off points in Suffolk, Essex and Kent for ease of joining a Tour.

Tour 99 / Christmas in Antwerp 2019

Sunday 22 December 2019 – Friday 27 December 2019

We love Belgium (and winter beers) at Christmas and we love taking a coach full of like-minded people. If you want something different to the usual Christmas routine, why not come away with us and get driven around Flanders (and the Netherlands) in a coach to eat and drink in warm cosy surroundings and sample the finest offerings of Belgian beer culture. Read more.

Tour 100 / The Black Beer Tour 2020

Thursday 21 May 2020 – Tuesday 26 May 2020

This exciting new tour focuses on the black beers of Belgium. This Tour was inspired by Kaffee Bazaar in Ypres, the only café we know which has a separate, huge black beer menu and also by our travellers insatiable desire for Struise Brouwers Black Albert beer - a mighty 13%abv Royal Belgian Stout. We are staying for five nights at Novotel in central Mechelen, the historical home of Belgium's dark beers and a good base from which to explore those breweries who make great dark beers and cafes with a tendency that way. A visit to the inimitable De Struise Brouwers will form part of the Tour. This Tour will sell out so if you want to join us better reserve a place with your deposit soon. Read more.

Tour 101 / Beer on The Waterfront Tour 2020

Thursday 6 August – Tuesday 11 August 2020

This six day Tour explores beer on waterfront locations such as the coast, lakes, canals, rivers and moats. Our base is Ghent Novotel and we'll be visiting loads of excellent breweries and cafes in Flanders and beyond. Includes a ticket to ride the Coastal Tram for a whole day - the longest in the world. Read more.

Tour 102 / Operation Belgian Beer: WW2 & Beer in Antwerp Province

Friday 18 September – Wednesday 23 September 2020

This new six day Tour is unique and focuses on the Second World War in Antwerp Province in September 1944, the liberation of Belgium and of course, beer. We'll stay at Hotel Corbie in Geel which was the centre of the Battle of Geel which lasted from 8-23 September 1944 - a little known fight for the canal bridgeheads which was subsumed within the more famous Operation Market Garden. Siobhan McGinn (Mrs Podge) is your guide to all things historical and knows her way round a Belgian beer or two. We'll be spending a day in Antwerp city and have a Dubbel or Tripel (or both) at the Westmalle Trappist Brewery Tap and this Tour will include loads of other great battlefield and beer visits. Come and join us. Read more.

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