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Podge’s Gourmet Pickled Eggs


I have been creating my unique Gourmet Pickled Eggs for ‘eggsclusive’ customers at various Essex beer festivals since 2001. They usually involve a lot of chillis. My pickled eggs were featured in The Guardian’s Guide to Summer Pubs on Saturday 13th June 2009. You will usually find Podge’s Gourmet Pickled Eggs in July at the Chelmsford Summer Beer Festival. Here is a typical list of our hand-crafted little buggers which we offer at Chelmsford Summer Beer festival. Get there early in the festival so you can try all 26!

Chemlsford Summer Beer Festival Pickled Egg Menu

  • A Hot! Hot! Hot!
  • B Raiders of the Lost Bark
  • C Gone with the Wind
  • D Fennel Seed & Garlic
  • E Star Anis
  • F Some Like It Hot
  • G Hot Peppercorn
  • H Green
  • I Feel the burn!
  • J I’m not eating that!
  • K Dinosaur Eggs
  • L Chill Chilli Bang Bang!
  • M Creatures from the swamp
  • N Rosemary & Garlic
  • O Pond Life
  • P Black Cardamom Pod
  • Q Pure Rosemary
  • R Blue Meanies
  • S You’ve got to be joking!
  • T Old Spice
  • U Big Red Bastids
  • V Hot & Smokey
  • W Quagmire
  • X Nice ‘n’ Spicy
  • Y Eggpocalypse Now!
  • Z Ring Stingers

Please email Podge if you want to commission some of Podge’s Gourmet Pickled Eggs for your pub, beer festival or special event.