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Podge Belgian Imperial Stout

A brief history of Podge Belgian Imperial Stout:

Podge Imperial Belgian Stout

August 2003

Podge contacts Alvinne about them creating a special beer for him.

May 2004

Tour 20 visits the excellent De Graal Brewery in Brakel for a tasting of their beers plus a new beer from Alvinne.

November 2004

Podge lays down a specification for a 10% abv Stout to be brewed for a sampling on Podge’s Belgian Beer Tour 23.

March 2005

Four different samples of the new beer tasted at Zythos Beer Festival each brewed with a different yeast. Tour 23 tastes the four beers at Alvinne’s first shed brewery in Ingelmunster brewery and the best is chosen.

July 2005

The beer is brewed and released to the public to great acclaim under the name Podge Belgian Imperial Stout.

January 2007

Ratebeer award a gold medal to Picobrouwerij Alvinne for their Alvinne Podge Belgian Imperial Stout in the category Best Beers of Belgium.

March 2007

Virgin French Oak barrel delivered to Alvinne courtesy of Felstar Brewery in Essex, UK.

September 2007

The first Alvinne Podge Oak Aged Stout is released.

October 2008

Podge Belgian Imperial Stout aged on Bourgogne oak barrel is released as Alvinne Podge Bourgogne Barrel Oak Aged. Since then various wood-aged beers have been created including Alvinne Podge Calvados Barrel Oak Aged and Alvinne Podge Glenrothes Barrel Oak Aged.

February 2009

Podge Belgian Imperial Stout goes down a storm on draught at Chelmsford Winter Beer Festival.

March 2009

Podge Stout (aged on Bourgogne oak) released as BBBurgundian Reserva at the Pre ZBF Babblebelt Festival at the new Alvinne Brewery in Heule.


Alvinne moves to a larger Brewery in Moen and to date continues to brew Podge Belgian Imperial Stout for the US market.

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